Stream Buddy – Fixing bugs and getting things ready

I’ve spent most of my time yesterday and today cleaning up small bugs and getting Stream Buddy ready for launch. Stream Buddy will have an array of achievements available at launch, ranging from viewer count achievements to longest stream achievements and more! Yesterday I integrated the achievements with the Steam API and today I spent time fixing small bugs, cleaning things up a bit, fixing the character maker to apply colors to the hair, clothes, and skin. I also added a few extra statistics to track and also a loading label to show the voxel map load since it is generated with procedural generation rather than pre-saved.


Stream Buddy Voxel


Once I’m confident things are smooth enough for an early access launch, I’ll get this puppy submitted to Steam. It likely will be a week or two more given that I have a lot of other things in RL going on right now, such as girlfriend heading to dental school soon and a friends wedding. Nonetheless, we’re getting really close to launch and I can’t wait! I already have a lot of features planned for after early access but I want to make sure everything’s working first before starting on whole new features. 🙂

Stream Buddy is almost here! First blog post!

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog! I’ll be posting news on my various projects here in addition to random personal blogs every once and awhile.

About me? I’m Chris, a game and software developer! I have several projects in-progress at the moment, but right now I’m putting my focus on Stream Buddy! What is Stream Buddy? It’s a 3d avatar system that was greenlit in May 2016. I’m close to having it ready for early access release on Steam and can’t wait to release it! Right now I’m working on integrating SB with the Steam API and adding some additional sound effects, so once it’s tested and working with achievements/stats/sound effects for various animations, I should be ready to launch early access!



On another note, is anyone into ASMR? I actually own three ASMR channels on YouTube for those interested:

Chris Whisper – ASMR – will add more if ppl request!

Persian Whispers – collaboration between me and my gf. She is beginning dental school this Sept and sadly doesn’t have time for any new videos right now but we were happy to raise over 80k channel total views!

Aethelwulfy – old and never updated.


Anyway, that’s all for now. Future posts might also include code snippits here and there if I do anything useful that I think might be beneficial to a wider audience.