Connecting to Twitch

3Stream Buddy makes use of the Twitch API to allow your viewers to participate in a more in-depth way. By tapping into Twitch chat, Stream Buddy can then see who is watching your stream and sending chat messages in your stream chat, making use of this for games and the Viewer Street feature.

To connect to Twitch, open the option menu by pressing O on your keyboard. Then click Twitch Info located near the top right of the option menu.

The Twitch Info menu will pop up. Please read all the dialogue and make sure you are not streaming live at this point as you will need to copy in your Twitch Code. You should NEVER reveal your twitch IRC code while on stream as this can be used by others to impersonate you through IRC chat.

To obtain your Twitch Code, click “Get Twitch Code”. Your browser will open and you will be directed to “Twitch Chat OAuth Password Generator”. Click the “Connect to Twitch” button and log into Twitch, then copy the full oauth code provided into the Twitch OAuth code textbox. It is important to make sure you copy the entrie code in, including the beginning portion that starts with “oauth:”

Next, type in your twitch username into the “Twitch Username” textbox. After, type in your twitch channel name – which for most people will be the exact same as your twitch username.

After, click “Save and Connect”. It will take a few seconds to connect to the Twitch API, but once the Connection Status at the bottom says connected, you will then be hooked into your twitch 4channel.


Why is there a textbox for channel name?

You can put another user’s channel name into the “Twitch Channel” and then with features like “Viewer Street”, their viewers will show up instead of yours. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only get achievements if you are in your own twitch channel. You can always go back and forth, but total online time is only counted when you are in your own twitch channel.