Setting up the Mini Games

5Mini-games are part of Stream Buddy for the entertainment of your viewers. They are also a great way for you to give away prizes or determine contest winners on your stream.

In order for your stream viewers to participate, Stream Buddy must first be connected to Twitch and your Twitch channel.

The games can start in two ways, either based on the timer set in the options or by pressing “Left Ctrl + S” to start a game immediately. You can also disable the games timer by pressing “Left Ctrl + D” or enable them again by pressing “Left Ctrl + D” once more.

Setting Time between games:

Games start every x amount of minutes, where x is the number set in the options. To set the length of time between games, open the option menu by pressing O on your keyboard. Then adjust the “Time Between Games” horizontal scroll bar.

Picking which games to play:

You can set which games to play by ticking each game. The current three games available are “Zombie Chase”, “4 Player Battle”, and “Voxel Bomb”.

Selecting a game view:

Some games can be played in either orthographic view (top down view) or third person point of view. You can set which view you would prefer by ticking “Games Orthographic View” (top down view), or unticking this option will allow games to be viewed in third person view.

Mini-Games in Separate Window

This is an important function for OBS and xSplit users if you would like to have a difference scene view activated when a mini-game starts. The reason for this is because you might have your scene in OBS or xSplit set for your Stream Buddy avatar as only a small portion of your screen, but for the mini-games you may prefer full screen. If you enable Mini-Games in a separate window, whenever a mini-game starts it will launch a separate EXE for the mini-game, which you can then set to full screen or whichever size you prefer.