Setting up Viewer Street

6Viewer Street is a feature to allow you to visualize and see your stream viewers chatting by having them walk through the Stream Buddy town as if they are characters in the town. As your viewers
type messages, they will begin to appear in Stream Buddy on Viewer Street (the main street in Stream Buddy). You can control how many viewers appear in the options and also set which view you would prefer. Note that only viewers who are active in chat typing messages will appear and viewers who don’t type a message after several minutes will then walk off of viewer street to make room for active users.

Viewer Street has three camera view options:

Perspective View: Using a POV type camera, it overlooks your town from third person view.
Isometric View: Using an orthographic type camera, it overlooks the town from an isometric type of view.
Streamer View: Using third person view of your 3d avatar, the camera is fixed on you with the viewer characters walking around while the camera is focused on your character.

Number of Viewer Characters:

It is important to note that setting a higher number of viewer characters will also increase CPU load. This is because each viewer character when walking around uses a path finding algorithm and while most modern computers should be able to handle this with ease, nonetheless when you combine the overhead of your streaming application to render your screen and broadcast, plus any other game you might be playing, CPU usage can quickly get out of hand. Generally 25 to 80 characters is usually more than enough as going above this, while possible, may also lead to overcrowding of people!


Moving the Isometric Camera and shooting your viewers:

Yes you can shoot your viewers! To reign bullets down on your viewers, makes sure you have Isometric View set in the Viewer Street options. Then close all open menu panels and press “Left Shift + S”. This will unlock the camera to move it around and allow you to shoot down.

To shoot, left click on your mouse. To move the camera only, hold down the right button of your mouse.

Note that when you shoot a character, generally 5 shots will be enough to knock that viewer to the ground. However, viewers revive after a random amount of time.