Setting up your Microphone

2It is recommended that you use a microphone with decent audio quality to ensure clean audio input. Any plug and play microphone will technically work with Stream Buddy, however, lower quality microphones may cause issues with speech to character mouth movement synchronization.

Stream Buddy will automatically detect all microphones plugged into your computer so long as they are enabled within Windows and attached to your computer prior to opening Stream Buddy. If you have multiple microphone sources, you can choose which microphone you want to use within Stream Buddy options by pressing the O key after you have selected your first character.

To ensure your audio input is loud enough, you then should use the Microphone Sensitivity horizontal scrollbar to adjust the microphone level. Dragging the green knob to the left on the horizontal scrollbar will increase microphone sensitivity, making quieter noises move your characters mouth.

Tips: If you find that your characters mouth isn’t moving when you try talking into your microphone, try increasing the sensitivity by dragging the green knob to the left on the Microphone Sensitivity scroll bar.


Trouble shooting:

Microphone not showing up? Make sure that your microphone is enabled within Windows first before opening Stream Buddy.